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Thursday, 02 February 2012 14:57

“Repeatles”- means we repeat the stunning music and the whole style of the „Fab Four“, the popular and never-dying Beatles…

We are a Beatles cover band from South Tyrol/ Trentino and hope to approximate as much as possible to the smashing music of the famous “Lads of Liverpool”, without losing some of our own nature.

Our ambition is it to bring people closer to the Sixties, when a four-man band called The Beatles conquered the world with songs about love, rebellion and peace. With authentic clothing and instruments we try to imitate the Beatles as much as possible, and to bring back some of these magic moments during their heyday in the 1960’s before the singular band unfortunately broke up…

Playing great songs like “Help” or “Roll over Beethoven” we fetch back a little of that feeling when a band called The Beatles revolutionized Rock music and Rock’n Roll. They swept not only music, but the whole world, reaching million of people, building up a connection between different nations…They gave us a stunning example of how influences as rhythm and blues, country and actually Celtic could be mashed together in a new and awesome way.

Far beyond music, The Beatles themselves influenced lifestyles, attitudes and language...we as The Repeatles hope to can give you back a little of that singular feeling and music now and today.